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Amin Al Husseini Grootmoefti van Jeruzalem

Amin Al Husseini Grootmoefti van Jeruzalem In december 1942 werd het Islamitisch Centraal Instituut in Berlijn opgericht met een openingsrede door Amin Al Husseini, de...

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How was Mohammed to his political opponents and people who opposed him?

Citation 1.Case Um Kirfa. Sirat Nabaweya for Ibn Hisham, Chapter Gazwat Zayd bin Haritha w Musab om Kirfa. Ibn Ishak said. Zayd came onto us and swore that he wont shower until he invades Bani Kazaza, so the prophet of Allah sent to him to invade Bani kazaza with an army so he killed most of them, captured and executed Kais bin al masher al yamari, Moussada bin hikma bin malik bin hanifa bin badr, and Um Kirfa Bint rabia bint badr was captured she was an old woman at Malik bin Hanifa Bin badr, and a daughter of hers and abdallah bin Massoud. Zaid Bin haritha ordered Kays Ibn Musahar to kill Um kirfa so he...

Chasing the Christians out of their homes. Can this be found in Islamic history?

In the last period we have seen ISIS evicting non-Muslims out of their homes, some of the people who fled their homes told the press that they were chased out of their homes by their Muslim neighbors. Aside of various stories that the victims has told the press one thing was proven by pictures through all of these cruel acts there was a special hate category shown to Christians that they actually marked their homes with an Arabic N (noun). Where this special hate treatment did came from? Can we find any trace back to this in Islam or in Mohammed’s life? Or is this very far from Islam like Muslims are saying? Let’s examine that. Citation...