thoughts about ISIS.

Muslims in the East are saying nothing about the Violence of Islam materialized in Islamic terror networks specially the Arabic speaking Muslims. Western Muslims are doing everything they can to convince us that this is not Islam, some has even got as far as calling ISIS a Zionist group lead by Christians and Jews to make Islam look bad.
Some Americans are also saying this is a game made by the CIA, some Europeans are siding with Islam saying this is a result of the crusades! Not two meanings are alike.

Should we blame ourselves for any of this? Did we really push them to do that like the international Islamic propaganda machine that invented the professional victim industry wants to have us convinced? A propaganda machine so efficient it is trying to connive everybody that Muslims are prosecuted and are all victims of the west and the practices of the west and the eternal evil Jewish Dogma!
Are Muslims truly victims? Is the myth of islamophobia true? Why do they all feel depressed? What did we do wrong that stopped them from integrating?

The answer is simple in my opinion. I think it is true. The idea itself is very true. Yes they do feel prosecuted! In their own version of reality, they are prosecuted, oppressed and discriminated.

A Muslim will feel prosecuted and label you an islamophobic if you didn’t accept his version and his vision of and about everything.

Islam tells muslim they are the best Ummah (people) that has ever been creating. Like we read in Surat Al Aumran. 110.

In the interpretation of this verse resides the core of all the problems we are having. The internal struggle that forces so many Muslims to show that kind of behavior they are showing right now.
According to ibn Kather what this verse means is clear via a Hadith that could be found in sahih Al Boukhari.
Kitan Tafseer al Quran>>Sourat al Oumran>> Bab Kitab KontomKhyara Omma.
Mohammed Bin Yousef has has said that Sufian has said that Mysera has said that Ibn Hazem has said that Abu hurair told that them that prophet said You are the Best Nation that came to exist you are the best of the people for the people you come with them with chains in their necks until they submit to islam.


صحيح البخاري » كتاب تفسير القرآن » سورة آل عمران » باب كنتم خير أمة أخرجت للناس
باب كنتم خير أمة أخرجت للناس
4281 حدثنا محمد بن يوسف عن سفيان عن ميسرة عن أبي حازم عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه كنتم خير أمة أخرجت للناس قال خير الناس للناس تأتون بهم في السلاسل في أعناقهم حتى يدخلوا في الإسلام

The prophet Mohammed told them that they are the best Ummah because they will bring the people of the book with chains on their necks until they become Muslims.
Think of it that way. If someone stopped us from practicing our religion we will be pissed and feel prosecuted too!.
When you stop Muslims from following the literal teaching of sunna you are prosecuting them. When you stop Muslims from parading us around with chains in our necks like Mohammed said you are prosecuting them.  You are stopping them from fulfilling a Sunnah ( a religious Duty) of course they will feel prosecuted and discriminated!!, you are not allowing them to practice their religion.

When you want to make them equals to you and make them live like you, you are prosecuting them. Their faith told them they are better and higher they are the masters.

When all of the world is not muslim and they can’t fight all 6 billion people into submission and turn them either into Muslims or slaves, you are prosecuting them and depressing them!.

So. Indeed.. Muslims are discriminated against in the west. They are not allowed kill, enslave or have it their way, they are also forced to live as equal to everybody else with the same rights and duties! For this culture this is enough to cause a depression deeper than Grand Canyon.

What we know for sure at this moment is that ISIS members are not the bad guys. They didn’t make anything on their own. They studied Islam deeper than the average Muslim and we could see that in how members of ISIS are explaining their deep beliefs in the video that was just showed. They also decided to practice what their Allah and Mohammed told them, they want the 72 virgins and rivers of honey and milk. They just want to make their GOD happy, they want to go to al Jannah (Muslim Heavean).